Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Getting into the world of modelling can be confusing. So here’s a little insight and a few truths from a team that have been in the business for over 30 years. 

1. Modelling is all about how you look. NOT TRUE.

MODELS: Rebecca Everett and Jay Davison
Your look is important. And each agency has an idea of what models they want to recruit. But people skills, great listening skills, reliability and an authentic desire to really help the client brand is important too.

2. Only tall people can be models. NOT TRUE.

MODEL: Charlotte Place
Once true, but no longer. Modelling agencies in the twenty-tens tend to look at the whole package. And this is true for models of all genders.

3. Only thin people can be models. NOT TRUE.

MODEL: Charlotte Lockwood
Larger model markets are some of the fastest growing and most important categories in fashion. So curvaceous is really valuable in the UK – and in Paris and Milan too!

4. Only young people can be models. NOT TRUE.

MODEL: Janey Goddard
The fastest growing and (soon to be) largest age demographic in the UK is the over 50’s. We’re living longer than ever which means that the 'older person’ or ‘classics’ model category is expanding in line with this affluent target market. 

5. You need professional images to be considered by a modelling agency. NOT TRUE

MODEL: Brooke Anderson
At the beginning, simple headshots and full length shots are all that’s needed. Advice from respected and established agencies are likely to ask you to ’tweak’ your look anyway so don’t invest in expensive images too early.

6. Agencies charge to represent you. NOT TRUE.
Reputable, established agencies charging small, one-off fees for (for example) the creation of models cards is fine. Engagement fees and similar, or any ongoing fees whatsoever, are not.

So there you go. 6 myths - busted.

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