Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Model: Rachel
We have all heard of Age UK and the fact that they help the over 60s population of the country. So does this mean that anyone aged 59 and under is classed as middle aged?

Does Being 50 Mean You're Old?

When watching TV adverts, our screens are filled with young, fashionable women. Quite often the middle aged market can be left feeling left out and no longer ‘stylish’.

However, whenever we’re feeling down we can always rely on Marks & Spencer to reassure us that there’s still room for the modern day, middle aged model.

Featuring as ‘Mrs Claus’ in their new christmas advert, is the ever-so glamorous 55 year old Janet McTeer. Sporting a sleek and stylish red dress, Janet assures us that that just because you’ve reached the big 5-0, it doesn’t mean that you’ve reached the end of your modelling career.

Middle Aged Models Making Waves

Supermodels such as Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss, who regularly appear in modelling campaigns, have shown us that it’s not just the young that should be admired. Middle aged can be aspirational too!

But, it doesn’t just have to be those who have worked as models all of their lives.

Nicola Griffith, a 56 year old mother from Nottingham, was queuing with her daughters at the bank when she was approached by a hair product company, White Hot Hair. They loved her striking grey  hair and asked if she would model for their latest campaign. Having featured in numerous campaigns and on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, Nicola is shaping the perceptions of what it means to be a model.
Model: Lindsey
Make a Change or Miss Out

The over-50s hold an estimated 77 per cent of all UK wealth. Surely, in choosing to feature middle-aged women, brands will appeal to a wider audience?

Tyne Tees Models want to reinforce that we LOVE middle aged models!
Model: Sarah

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